Stylish + COOL
We love style and we love technology

We started as a small bunch in Toronto, Canada. We’ve always been passionate about style and technology and there’s something about iPhone that mixes those two together well.

Stylish Girl and Cool Guy launched in January ’08 and we watched them grow. We made it top 10 across the globe in the lifestyle category in a month. And, just recently we went on TV and print as part of the iPhone Ad campaign – There’s an app for everything. We were even part of New York Fashion Week Winter/Fall 2009, showcased by Apple. Not bad at all for a small team. Thank you Apple!

Our approach to organizing your clothes is all visual, we hope you like it. And more than anything we like to hear from all of you. Send us your feedback, send us bug reports, tell us what features you want, send us hate mail if you have to. We always listen and we fix things.

We have big plans for what’s next

We have no intention of stopping, we want to make Stylish + COOL the best fashion apps in the store. If you know style and you can write, please give us a shout at We are welcoming new stylish and cool people to partner with us.

Bloggers, Twitters, Tumblrs, …

If you have a blog, you tumblr or you are Twitter celebrity and you like our app, give us a hand… please! We are small, we need all the help we can get. If you need to ask questions or you want images, photos, videos, anything about the apps, contact us at

Thanks for reading.
The most stylish iPhone App developers in the world
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