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Kirsten’s Style Report: Pimp My Closet

I have discovered the most amazing application for my iPhone! It’s AH-MAZ-ING! It’s called Stylish Girl and is basically a style planner revolving around the clothes you have in your closet and the clothes you would love to have in your closet. It keeps all your clothes and accessories organised and right at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

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Appolicious: Stylish Girl is a fashionista's dream come true

It is clear that the designers of Stylish Girla are passionate about fashion. This chic app has everything a coordinated fashionista would want.

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Style of Fashionista : Stylish Girl App

I have had an iPhone for a year now and one of the apps that I cant live without is Stylish Girl it is the ultimate style planner and shopping assistant revolving around the clothes in your wardrobe and the clothes you love to have. Basically you take pictures of everything in your wardrobe yeah this does take a while but you can put things into Spring Summer Autumn Winter and than categories ie dresses, trousers accessories etc. Then you always have your wardrobe with you the best thing is you can also outfit your wardrobe which is brilliant to fall back on when you really do not know what to wear. You can also arrange your holiday wardrobe and you can also add items from the internet try it for yourself it is also free to install bonus.

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Style Bento: Style App Bento

Stylish Girl – remember Cher’s closet in clueless? This is essentially that interface for your iPhone. Photograph your wardrobe and put outfits together, create packing lists if you’re travelling and even top up your wardrobe by shopping from leading online retailers.

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Viva Avant-Garde: Damn you iPhone!!!!! (Fashion Apps)
They are really seducing me right now! I may have to leave my Blackberry for this App alone!!!

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Eye See Pretty: App-solutely Love It!

My favourite part is the suitcase function which allows you to create a packing list.   I also love to take photos of everything I’ve purchased while away so I don’t leave anything behind!

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Real Deal Reviews: The Stylish Girl iPhone App

I was scrolling through my iphone's virtual closet today to see if I could justify buying yet another pair of fabulous boots, when I realized how much this app has changed the way I shop!

I would buy a cute pair of shoes then get home and realize I already had 2 very similar pairs. What a way to bring down the enthusiasm of a great shopping trip! The same would happen with jeans, sweaters, belts, ect.There were also times I would find myself wanting to buy a pair of shoes and not being able to remember if I had a cute top at home to complete the outfit.

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November 20, 2011
Have you posted your favourite Stylish Girl outfit on the Stylish Girl Fan page?

September 5, 2011
Stylish Girl on Android is now released -  Available Here

Stylish Girl and Cool Guy are featured in various Apple TV and print adds around the globe

Stylish Girl and Cool Guy are part of the New York Fashion Week Fall 2009, presented by Apple.


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